Create Your Own Indoor Garden

Posted on June 26, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Indoor Plants for Stress Relief and Enjoyment

The benefits of gardening cannot be understated, especially when it comes to our mental health. Outdoor gardening has a fair amount of cardiovascular and other physical benefits, but for those who do not have the space outside, indoor gardens are just as viable an option. Here are the many types of gardens you can grow inside and how to create them.

Bonsai Gardens

First adopted by the Chinese, they would focus on whole landscapes on a much smaller scale. Later, the Japanese would develop the practice further by focusing on one small tree.

But make no mistake – this is not just plunking a small tree in a pot and calling it a day. The artistry of bonsai gardens is almost unsurpassed in their complexity and beauty. Like most plants, bonsai gardens/trees need sunlight and water to survive. They can survive in shallow or smaller pots to maintain the appearance of being a “real” tree.

Zen Sand Gardens

A customary Zen sand garden, known as “karesansui,” is a simple, minimalist arid landscape comprised of sand, gravel, rock, and/or wood. No water is used in this garden at all, and plants are not a necessity; if used, they are used sparsely. Much like bonsai gardens, Zen gardens are used to calm the caretaker. The white sand, much like in art, represents open space and emptiness, where Buddhists believe meditation happens best. To create your own Zen sand garden, all you need is a small box, white sand, rock/gravel, and a small rake.

Succulent Gardens

These versatile little powerhouses are amazing for making your indoor garden look amazing. They require very little tending, as their water is stored in their stems and leaves. They love direct sunlight and can stay alive for years with minimal effort. They look best in glass containers surrounded by rock and soil. Consider these subtle little guys for a touch of trendy class and simplicity.

Indoor Fairy Gardens

Small pots or glass enclosures host small plants like the bonsai garden but are specifically to attract the whimsical fae creatures of myth, fairies. Small flowering plants, bonsai trees, and herbs are great for a fairy garden. Decorate with a small house fixture and other embellishments for a fun, magical feel. To make your own, get one of our designer pottery containers, like one of our Misha planters or our yarn bowls. Come on into our shop, and we can get you set up with the perfect flowers and herbs to attract our fairy friends to your indoor garden!

Come In for More Inspiration

Flower Works doesn’t just do floral arrangements expertly - we also excel at helping you create the perfect indoor and outdoor space for establishing flowers, plants, and herbs long-term. Come by our store in Marquette or visit our website 24/7 for inspiration on starting your own indoor garden with our exclusive artisan pottery.

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