Create Stunning Fall Weddings Using the Colors of Fall

Posted on September 19, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Create Stunning Fall Weddings Using the Colors of Fall

Although summer weddings are certainly popular, many couples decide to hold off for just a bit longer and instead, opt for a fall wedding. When it comes to crafting the decorations and overall aesthetic of your fall wedding, it’s a different experience than any other season of the year. Fall aesthetics are unique, with a warmer, often more vibrant color palette. Or, in some instances, you can even take autumn decor in a darker, moodier direction — really, it’s all up to you!


If you’re seeking out some seriously bold color inspiration for your wedding’s palette, then fall is the perfect time to hold the big event. There’s so much for you to draw inspiration from, after all, from flourishing apple orchards and pumpkin patches to warm-hued, romantic sunsets. This season, inspiration is truly all around you.


Even still, there are so many themes for you to choose from, perfectly suited to a fall palette. You could go with a rustic chic wedding, something more on the classic side of things (with an autumn twist, of course), a vibe that’s a bit looser and more boho influenced… whatever it is, you’re sure to find the perfect fall blooms to help set the mood.


The Top Fall Flowers for Your Wedding




Naturally, you’ll find dahlias blooming from late summer until the start of fall, just in time for an autumn wedding. Still, that’s not the only reason this is such a fantastic wedding flower.


Dahlias are large and fluffy, perfect for adding a bit of softness to any bouquet or arrangement. The color palette is also impressive, leaving you with your fair share of options. No matter the color scheme you’ve opted for, there’s a strong chance you’ll find dahlias that can be easily integrated into the fold. Plus, many of these colors fit right into just about any fall-inspired palette. Dahlias come in lighter shades, like cream or even a soft blush, but they’re also available in yellow and red — including deeper reds like burgundy, which are wonderful for the fall.


Garden Roses


What is a wedding arrangement without its fair share of roses? Keep in mind that roses are also highly versatile, as a flower you can incorporate into your wedding. In general, roses are available in a huge variety of different shades, including oranges, yellows, and (of course) reds.


Garden roses, more specifically, are a gorgeous addition to any fall wedding. This variety of roses tend to be on the larger side, and they also have a higher density of petals. So, this leaves you with a bold, hearty blossom. Consider opting for garden roses in shades like peach or cream, as these can be easily worked into most autumn color palettes.


Cymbidium Orchids


Maybe you’re more interested in exotic flowers, rather than the more typical wedding picks. Thankfully, even in the fall, you have some striking options to choose from. Cymbidium orchids are a robust and hearty flower, perfect for a variety of wedding-related purposes, from boutonnieres to bouquets, and beyond. Not only are these flowers elegant, but they also come in several beautiful fall shades. An especially popular option is the orange cymbidium orchid, which is also referred to as the Charlie Brown orchid. Of course, you can even find these flowers in several other autumnal shades, including burgundy, mauve, purple, and brown.


Get (Fall) Wedding Ready With Flower Works


Planning a wedding for the fall? Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the vast floral possibilities, to really set the perfect autumnal mood. In any case, Flower Works has you covered. You can drop by our shop at 1007 North Third Street in Marquette or just get in touch with us through our site.


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