Bring Your Porch or Garden to Life With Late Summer & Fall Plants

Posted on September 12, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Bring Your Porch or Garden to Life With Late Summer & Fall Plants

We’ve reached the tail end of summer — of course, that also means it’s the perfect time to begin planning for the start of fall as well. If you’re a floral fanatic, you’re probably seeking out the best late summer and fall plants to decorate your home, including your porch or garden. Naturally, the options can seem vast, so it may be difficult to decide which plants or arrangements you’d like to go with this year.


At this transitional time of year, your plants are going to need to be hardy enough to handle the changing weather conditions. These flowers will need to hold up during the occasional warm, sunny day, as well as the incoming cooler nights, and maybe even some light frosts. Plus, you’ll probably want to begin embracing the vibrant, bold colors of autumn.


To help get you on the right path, here’s a brief overview of some of the best picks, when it comes to sprucing up your porch or garden in the fall or end of summer.




First, let’s kick off the list with a classic — sunflowers. Really, if there’s a flower that never seems tired, it’s this one. Sunflowers can make a bold statement in your front garden, given their uniquely huge size. After all, these plants can grow up to a whopping ten feet (or more) in height. The deep yellow color is suited to both late summer and fall as well. So, no matter what seasonal aesthetics you’re aiming for, sunflowers are simple to incorporate into the bunch.


Sedum Autumn Joy


Sedums come in a variety of different forms, and they’re all beautiful floral picks. However, moving into the late summer and early autumn, sedum autumn joy is the way to go. As the name would imply, these flowers are a fantastic way to bring some extra joy into your autumn garden, simply with this one addition. These florals feature a bold, upright form, as well as bright pink flowers that are sure to garner some positive attention.




It’s another fall classic, but it certainly isn’t one to overlook. Chrysanthemums — or “mums,” as they’re often called — are a go-to addition to any colorful autumn porch or garden. Depending on your own tastes, you can grow mums in an array of different colors. Of course, that includes a beautiful golden yellow, which perfectly matches the changing autumn leaves. Technically, mums are perennials, although many people find it easier to treat them as annuals.


Ornamental Grasses


If you’re looking for a bit of a different approach to curating a garden for the fall season, consider incorporating some ornamental grasses into the mix. Rather than blending into the traditional fall colors, this plant can serve more as a contrast to the warm hues of autumn. The softer, light pastel shades of ornamental grasses can add a unique pop of something different, among the rest of your florals.


Dusty Miller


Maybe you’ve already planted some mums, and you’re looking for a great complement — well, then it’s probably time to add some dusty miller into your garden arrangement this season. This is a simple plant, but it’s also an elegant one. Dusty miller can add a gorgeous silver tinge to your arrangement, and the lacey foliage can add even more character.


Get Started on Your Fall Garden With Flower Works


At Flower Works, we have a vast selection of different plants perfect for the later summer and fall — as well as the rest of the year, of course. You can always visit us at our location on Third Street, or you can get in contact with the Flower Works team through our site.


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