“Brighten Up Your Dorm Room or College Apartment with Flowers and Plants”

Posted on August 29, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

“Brighten Up Your Dorm Room or College Apartment with Flowers and Plants”

College dorm rooms or apartments are usually small and leave little space to add your style and personality to the room. Everybody wants to decorate, but a lot of decorations are either expensive, too large, or too basic. If you want some decor that really stands out and brightens up the room, a plan is an excellent option. Not all plants are created equal, though. You want one that’s not too big, not too expensive, and easy to care for. A few good, low maintenance, decorative plants, such as:




Bamboo plants are easy to raise and hard to hurt. Whether you grow them in distilled water or rocky soil, they just need moderate sunlight and fresh water every week or so to avoid the growth of algae. They’ll grow easily, and look pretty cool while doing it!


Money Trees


A good choice for a simple tabletop plant, money trees have a sophisticated, tropical look while not needing a lot of space to grow. Unfortunately, though, they won’t actually produce money for you, so forget about trying to pay your financial aid with one.




Succulents are a type of plant that includes snake plants, jade plants, and aloe vera. They don’t need a lot of water to grow, and only require good sunlight and proper drainage. While some varieties can be rather large for a dorm room, there are many small or even hanging varieties to choose from.




Similar to succulents, cacti are hardy plants that only really need a good source of sunlight. These prickly plants are able to thrive in harsh deserts, so they’re easy to care for, and look pretty cool on your desk.


Peace Lilies


These lilies might need a little bit more care than some of the other plants on this list, but they’re still relatively low maintenance, just needing sunlight and moist soil. They’re also well worth having around, as they purify the air in addition to their beautiful, iconic flowers.


ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant, also known as the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or Zanzibar Gem, works great for dorm room settings due to their ability to thrive in dim lighting. You don’t need to keep your lights on during class or keep your window open if it’s too hot to have direct sunlight. They’re also able to survive with little water. These plants are incredibly low maintenance, making them an excellent choice.




A classic indoor plant, ferns are versatile and elegant. They thrive best in humid environments, however, so they work best if you keep them around other plants and give them a constant supply of water. Luckily, they’ll actually dehumidify your room as a result of owning them, and will look nice in just about any room they’re in.


Where To Get Your Plants


If you’re looking to spice up your dorm room with any of these lovely plants, then look no further than Flower Work’s catalogue of plant options for any occasion and theme. If you have any questions, contact us today to talk to one of our professionals.

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