Are You Feeling Lucky? Test Your Irish Luck With a Shamrock Plant This St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 14, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge celebration across the United States (and the whole world). People dress in their best green outfits (some even going full leprechaun), eat corned beef dinners, and sip on smooth Guinness or a refreshing green beer. This day is full of fun events, parades, and the belief that the luck of the Irish will ensure a great day for all. If you’re looking to add a bit of the Irish luck to your home year-round, you’ll love the look of the shamrock plant in your home or office.


Fun Facts About Four Leaf Clovers


One of the biggest traditions of St. Patrick’s Day is looking for a four-leaf clover. The story of the clover dates back hundreds of years, appearing in century-old legends as symbols of good luck. While both shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers are associated with this holiday, they are commonly misunderstood to be the same thing. Shamrock clovers have three leaves, so finding a 4-leaf clover is considered lucky because it is so rare. Other interesting facts include:


  • On average, out of every 10,000 clovers, you’ll find one lucky four-leaf clover
  • The four leaves represent faith, love, hope, and luck
  • No clover plant naturally produces four leaves regularly, which is why it is so rare
  • Giving someone else your four-leaf clover can bring you double the luck


What Is a Shamrock Plant?


While we can’t sell you a beautiful arrangement of four-leaf clovers, we can offer our customers the beautiful shamrock plant. This plant is also known as Oxalis, and it is cherished for its resemblance to the four-leaf clover, which is why it makes for such a great St. Patrick’s Day gift. This plant is easy to grow and maintain, which can contribute to the “lucky” feel, especially for those of us who might not have the greenest of thumbs.


The shamrock plant thrives in average room conditions. Outdoors, it can be quite invasive. Its roots spread fast, allowing the plant to quickly take over an entire area. When confined to a container and allowed adequate sunlight, this plant is lush with clover-like leaves and beautiful little flowers. The five-petaled flowers are held on tall, slender stems that rise above the foliage, providing a beautiful pop of color to contrast the green of the leaves. The flower color varies on the type of species but is commonly found in white, pink, or red. Another fun aspect of this plant is that the leaves close at night, reopening in the morning as the sun rises.


Shamrock Plant Care


The shamrock plant is one of the easiest options for maintenance. It requires bright light, but you should be mindful of direct sunlight. A curtained windowsill would be a perfect location. The roots of this plant retain water well and don’t tolerate soggy soil. It is best to let the surface soil dry between watering. When it comes to soil, all you need is good potting soil. Average room temperatures are ideal for the shamrock plant. You’ll want to keep it between 55-65° F at night, and no more than 75° F during the day.


Get Yours Today!


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! St. Patrick’s Day is full of tradition, and one of the largest contributions is the shamrock itself. If you are looking to capture a bit of the Irish luck year-round, you’ll love the addition of a shamrock plant to your home. This plant is lush, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Contact us to learn more. At FlowerWorks, we can help ensure the long life of your shamrock plant by providing the right care tips and suggestions. Our wide range of pots will ensure you love the look of the newest, luckiest addition to your space.

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