6 Plants to Consider for Your Home Office

Posted on July 24, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

Over the past several months, our lives have been irrevocably altered. As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, we are faced with a constant barrage of emotions: fear for the safety of our loved ones, anxiety about how our lives will be permanently affected, anger at our seeming helplessness in the face of such terrible devastation. Even the simplest of tasks has become daunting.


Those of us lucky enough to still be healthy and employed are likely working from home, even as businesses reopen. We are currently confronted with a variety of intimidating and unfamiliar challenges, but there are steps we can take to alleviate some of this stress. Although we can’t do much to change the world outside, we are able to control our home environment. And now that our homes must also serve as functioning workspaces, it is more important than ever to create a comfortable home office.


Incorporating plants into your home office is a simple but impactful way to improve your work-from-home setting. Placing plants in offices has been proven to result in a number of positive effects, ranging from enhancing productivity and problem-solving skills to lowering blood pressure and promoting feelings of job satisfaction and emotional well-being. Check out the list below for plants you can include in your home office, and contact Flower Works today to have them delivered right to your door.


Best Plants for Your Home Office


  1. Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) – This evergreen vine is a low-maintenance plant resistant to insect infections and recommended by scientists for its air-purifying abilities. It easily adapts to a variety of light conditions, making it perfect for any spot in your home office.


  1. Kentia Palms (Howea forsterania) – Thriving even in the darkest of spots, these palms are extremely hardy. They can tolerate all temperatures, from chilly air conditioning in the summer to excessive heat in the winter. Growing in height but not in width means they work perfectly in small spaces.


  1. Spider Plants (Chrolophytum comosum) – One of the easiest plants to propagate, spider plants can grow in a range of conditions and will survive infrequent watering. It works best in a hanging pot or placed on a shelf, where its arching leaves make quite the statement.


  1. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – This tropical plant thrives in shady conditions, so it’s great for offices with little natural light. It blooms with small white flowers reminiscent of the calla lily and the stems will droop when it needs water.


  1. Philodendron – Extremely hardy, this plant has been an office favorite for years. Fast-growing philodendron prefers bright, indirect sunlight and is available in vine and non-climbing varieties.


  1. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis) – This fern prefers indirect light, cool temperatures, and high humidity, so misting or the use of a humidifier is recommended.


While our country contends with the staggering implications of this pandemic, we are also trying to retain some semblance of a normal daily life for our families. Even as the cases rise and divisions intensify, we must attempt to rise above this tension in any way we can. The simple addition of a few plants can go a long way in alleviating your stress, enhancing the atmosphere and productivity of your home office and elevating it from a veritable cage to a green-filled sanctuary.


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