5 Tips for Caring for Succulents

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Succulents

Succulent plants are experiencing a moment of popularity in gardening and home décor. These trendy plants include a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are usually surprisingly easy to care for appropriately. If you want to hop on this trend and grow your own succulents at home, check out these tips:


Use the Right Soil


Succulents need well-draining soil to be able to thrive because too much moisture can cause problems for them. Be sure to use a potting soil mix labeled especially for cactus and succulents for the best results. Regular potting soil or dirt from your yard will not yield the same great results. Succulent mix has a more significant percentage of sand, perlite, or pumice, which makes up an ideal soil mixture for these types of plants.


Make Sure Your Container Has Drainage


Succulents need drier soil in general, and if you overwater them, you risk their health. To ensure the success of your succulents, make sure that your containers have the proper drainage so that the roots of the plants can dry out, and extra water can quickly drain out of the pot.


Give Succulents Enough Light


These fleshy plants need lots of sunlight to stay healthy. Six hours of natural sunlight is the average for most succulents, although this can vary with each species. Find a sunny window that offers the right amount of sunlight for your plants.


Rotate Plants as Needed


Succulents tend to lean toward the light source, so they may end up growing crooked or leggy if you don’t rotate them. If you don’t turn them regularly, one side of the plant is receiving a disproportionate amount of sunlight. Keep things even by periodically rotating your succulent plants.


Water According to the Season


Succulents go through periods of growth in the spring and summer and rest in the fall and winter. And when plants are going through these growth seasons, they need more water than when they are resting. Be sure to water accordingly, giving more water during the spring and summer months, and tapering off in the fall and winter.


Succulents are fun and easy to grow. These trendy little plants give a lot of personality to any home or business. Find succulent plants and more at Flower Works in Marquette, MI. Find unique succulents for your home or to give as gifts. We can help you find the right FTD plants for you, including succulents and so much more.

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