4 Ways House Plants Can Help You Practice Self Care In Times of COVID-19

Posted on April 10, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

4 Ways House Plants Can Help You Practice Self Care In Times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has been incredibly taxing on the world in many ways, including on the mental health of people stuck in quarantine under lockdown restrictions. Many people are having trouble adjusting to more time at home and may feel trapped and isolated. If you are looking for things you can do to boost your mental health during this difficult time, houseplants may provide some unique and unexpected benefits.

A study from Urban Forestry & Urban Greening reported that people with houseplants tend to experience negative emotions at home 74% less frequently than people who do not have any houseplants.

Houseplants Improve Mood

Having some lush greenery in your home can make your space feel more comfortable, natural, and inviting. When you spend every day surrounded by rigid inorganic shapes and structures you may start feeling out of touch with the natural world and “locked in” by your surroundings. Houseplants inherently make your home feel more inviting and relaxed.

There is also evidence that plants improve mood in evolutionary biology. Researchers agree that human beings tend to thrive the most in places with access to greenery because it echoes our earliest roots as a species that was more in touch with the natural world.

Properly Kept Houseplants Improve Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants can oxygenate the air and increase the air quality indoors. This quality is especially valuable in light of a pandemic caused by a respiratory illness. Flower Works can help you choose houseplants that are especially good at cleansing the air inside of your home.

Houseplants Can Cultivate Creativity

You might start with one or two houseplants and find that cultivating them can easily become a rewarding hobby. Many people have started experimenting with houseplants as a creative outlet during quarantine. Caring for your houseplants can also evolve into an exercise in mindfulness that ultimately helps you see things from a new perspective.

Your Houseplants Can Make You More Compassionate

In a time of social distancing, feelings of isolation are more common and more poignant than ever before. Your houseplants can not only provide a creative outlet, but also an opportunity to care for something other than yourself. Nurturing is a human instinct and taking care of your houseplants can be just as rewarding for you as it is for them.

Flower Works is happy to help you find the houseplants that are perfect for you, even if you have little to no experience caring for plants. We can help you determine which houseplants would work best in your living space and provide all the tools and guidance you need for a rewarding experience with your houseplants. Contact us today or visit the Flower Works showroom to learn more about the houseplants we offer.

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