4 Health Benefits of Flowers and Houseplants

Posted on May 23, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked life in countless ways, and many people are having trouble adjusting to this difficult new reality. While the federal and state governments work hard to contain and control the virus, distribute necessary equipment and supplies, and provide medical care to those afflicted by the Coronavirus, many people are experiencing anxiety and depression due to being kept indoors during uncertain times.

The team at Flower Works understands how difficult it can be for many people to remain inside and away from friends and loved ones during the quarantine. We want to help our community and our nation however we can. One thing that we strongly believe can be a great way to fight the negativity that seems so pervasive in the world today is by keeping flowers and houseplants in your home. In fact, there are even strong scientific indicators that this is true.

One: Flowers Help You Fight Anxiety

Flowers help you create a calming environment. If you have been struggling with anxiety about recent events, brightening your home with fresh flowers can make it more inviting and comforting instead of feeling like a cage. It’s even possible to cultivate a new hobby by keeping fresh flowers in your home if you keep them potted, but simply keeping fresh cut flowers in water with a bit of plant food can be enough to brighten the mood inside your home.

Two: Some Flowers Can Help You Rest Easier

One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is trouble sleeping. Failing to get adequate sleep can put a damper on your mood throughout the day. One flower in particular is especially beneficial in this regard. The scent of lavender is naturally soothing, and it’s a common ingredient in all types of lotions, body washes, and countless other products that aim to provide calming effects. Fresh lavender in your bedroom window can create a beautifully pleasing scent that can help you relax and sleep better.

Three: The Right Flowers Can Boost Productivity

Working from home has grown increasingly common over the last several years as telecommunication technologies have improved and become more accessible, but now it’s basically a requirement for countless industries that cannot have their employees working in offices during the quarantine. If you’ve been having trouble adjusting your work routine at home to maintain productivity, some flowers in your workspace could help. Bright colors evoke different feelings. For example, while reds can promote energy and focus, blues can inspire and boost creativity.

Four: Houseplants Help You Breathe Easier

When you’re stuck inside, fresh air is vital for both your mood and your health. While it may seem easy to just open a window, houseplants are another option for freshening the air inside your home while also being a beautiful addition to your décor. Houseplants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also boost the humidity inside your home, which can help many people breathe easier who may be sensitive to dry, stale air.

If you’re feeling trapped inside during the COVID-19 quarantine and want to make some changes inside your home that are good for your health, Flower Works of Marquette, MI can help. Contact us today for details about our flower delivery service so we can bring fresh flowers and houseplants right to your door. 

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