3 Ways To Use Greenery in Home Decor

Posted on June 12, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

3 Ways To Use Greenery in Home Decor

Decorating with live greenery indoors is a great way to naturally filter the air in your home. Plants remove carbon dioxide, as well as other pollutants and toxins, from the air and release oxygen.

Having an abundance of plants in your home creates a harmonious and balanced space, as well as increased aesthetic appeal. Additionally, plants can promote positive mental health by making spaces friendlier and more inviting, reducing stress and anxiety, and providing a relaxing and peaceful indoor oasis.

Each room in your home can be optimized when décor is accented by the right plant for the mood. Below are some suggested plants for various rooms in your house.

Inspire Your Inner Zen With Succulents in the Bedroom

Adding greenery to your bedroom can be a great way to create a more relaxing environment where you can unwind. Colorful and shapely succulents can bring inspiring character to the bedroom. Succulents are very low-maintenance and come in a variety of interesting shapes, colors, and sizes. Adding a hand-picked collection of tiny succulents in a small to medium shallow planter bowl to your dresser or bedside table can make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary.

Tall Greenery in the Living Room Makes a Dynamic Statement

A sizable house plant with some height can make a room look taller, and it also adds an air of sophisticated style. Mature houseplants make a statement because they are dramatic and majestic. You can use a grand house plant to fill in an empty corner or position it so that it towers over a chair. If you have a sunny spot in your living space, a tall house plant might provide just the right amount of shade.

Tall plants are also a great way to visually divide the spaces of an open floor plan. Positioning the plants at the ends of the threshold between two spaces can create a shift in room use and room style, such as a transgression from an informal space to a formal space. Fiddle leaf figs are a Flower Works fan favorite, and as long as they are well-maintained, they will continue to grow tall.

Spice up Your Kitchen Décor With an Indoor Herb Garden

If your kitchen doesn’t inspire you quite like you want it to, try adding some planted herbs along the window’s front or at the corners of drab countertops. The color and fragrance of these plants, especially flowering herbs, can stimulate the senses and liven up kitchen décor, setting the mood for a cozy and social space that’s conducive to hanging out and enjoying friendly conversation. Having a kitchen herb garden also offers the benefit of always having fresh spices and herbs on hand to add fresh flavor to your meals.

Find Your Plant Inspiration at Flower Works 

For more inspiration on adding greenery to the spaces in your home, stop by Flower Works in Marquette, MI, and visit our greenhouse. You will find a selection of hand-cultivated fiddle leaf fig trees, olive trees, and rubber trees, all of which are great houseplants. While you’re in, pick up a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers for a dining room centerpiece full of colorful spring blooms

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