2023 Flower Trends

Posted on December 26, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Taking inspiration from different fashion trends and art styles, floral trends in 2023 are incorporating different aspects of social media, haute couture, and technological advancements into flower displays across all venues and displays. In all aspects of these flower displays, maximalism, luxury, and elegance define the overarching themes of these trends. In 2023, the biggest floral trends to look out for include the following:


  1. Pressed Flowers: For hundreds of years, pressing flowers has been a sentimental and functional way of preserving flowers from big events or important moments in someone's life. Thanks to TikTok, the rise of aesthetic trends like the Cottagecore movement has increased the use of these older, romanticized practices and caused them to return to bigger audiences. From a DIY standpoint, these projects are easy to accomplish, opening new ways to create art for seasoned and beginner crafters alike.


  1. Digital Lavender: Pantone's color experts have named "Digital Lavender," a cool, calming light purple, to be their predicted color of 2023. Online, this color has had a drastic increase in use across major platforms, and in the coming year, it could see its physical debut in interior design trends. Bouquets containing lavender-colored flowers, especially those with more unique and futuristic shapes, are bound to make an impact on trending flower bouquets and arrangements throughout 2023. 


  1. Barbiecore Bouquets: After behind-the-scenes shots of 2023’s Barbie were released in mid-2022, Barbie aesthetics have worked their way back into the mainstream. Any floral arrangement can follow a specific theme, but one distinct themed bouquet is bound to stand out this upcoming year: Barbiecore bouquets. Barbiecore, blending bright, rich pinks and magentas with fluorescent oranges and strong purples, create stunning, vibrant arrangements bound to make a statement at any event. 


  1. All-White Arrangements: With trends like the “clean girl” and “coastal grandma” aesthetics dominating social media in 2022, the lasting impact of these fads is through floral arrangements. You can use the clean, regal elegance of all-white flowers to create monochromatic bouquets; these arrangements are bound to be a steady fixture throughout the new year, especially for weddings and formal gatherings.


Beyond flower arrangements, plant trends seem to be changing and evolving alongside their floral counterparts. Looking to reduce their carbon footprint, plant owners are turning towards more CO2-reducing plants to add to their homes. Acting like natural air purifiers, these plants absorb excess CO2 and convert it into oxygen, helping provide crisp, clean air in your home. 


Flower Highlight: Lily of the Valley


The Royal Family's use of florals in their celebrations always helps usher in floral trends, with Lily of the Valley as a prospective frontrunner in this wave. The delicate buds of these flowers are perfect for all occasions, ranging from traditional bridal bouquets to centerpieces and decorative arrangements. Queen Elizabeth, before her passing, loved Lily of the Valley, and as King Charles III is officially crowned King, Lily of the Valley is expected to be used throughout royal flower arrangements as a nod to his late mother. 


Getting Ahead of 2023’s Flower Trends


From weddings to home decor, staying on top of floral trends can help broaden your design horizons and expand your palate to include new and exciting arrangements. Trying these styles out for any events or home flower arrangements is simple, and with the help of Flower Works, you can get high-quality flowers that fit these intriguing trends. To get started planning your next arrangement, visit our website and contact us today. 

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