Norfolk pine in four inch pot with SK "Barletta" pot cover

Araucaria heterophylla or Norfolk Pine is a popular indoor tree since it does not shed needles like other pine trees.

They can survive with artificial light, but will not thrive, both artificial and real is preferred. 

The Norfolk Pine should be kept watered at least once a week or as soon as the soil dries.

This plant prefers a humid environment to prevent browning of the needles, something that can be replaced by misting the plant with a water bottle.

If any of the branches die, feel free to clip them off.

This plant enjoys cooler temperatures, about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, it does not fare well in areas where frost occurs.

This tree includes the pot cover! Pot cover colors may vary.

Give this beautiful little tree to someone you love, teacher, professor or just for yourself! 

Type: Plants

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