8 Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Tips

Posted on December 17, 2023 by Flower Works LLC


You’ve wrapped up the presents, strung up some lights, and the stockings have been hung. You’ve got all the big important things taken care of, but the decorating always happens at the last minute. With so much on your plate, it can be hard to remember to decorate in advance, but that’s why we’ve got your last-minute decorating guide. Here are eight tips for last-minute decorating:

  1. Use Garland. Pine boughs are beautiful and smell great. They’re also perfect for Christmas decorating. If you’ve got stairs, you can weave the garland along the banister or even over a mantel. This is one of the quickest ways to spruce up your space for the holidays.

  1. Decorate a gate. If you’ve got a gate for your yard, decorating that space can be a little outdoor nod to holiday decoration. Use old skis, ice skates, or even snowshoes, greenery and holly for a festive look.

  1. Wreaths. Whether indoors or outdoors, a wreath is the perfect nod to the season. Making wreaths out of pine boughs is a tradition as old as the Christmas tree itself. You can weave your own wreath or find one that’s already assembled, like these. You can choose to leave it plain or even decorate it with extra ornaments or other adornments for the perfect holiday flourish.

  1. Table runner greenery. Maybe you’ve got company coming in just a few hours, and you’re not sure what else you can do. A little greenery down the center of your table will do the trick quickly. Pine branches are an obvious choice, but you could also add in some eucalyptus and winter berries for added interest and texture. 

  1. Mini Christmas trees. We’re sure you’ve already got a big tree put up and decorated with all your beloved ornaments, but small pine trees can add another merry touch to your home. Think about a Norfolk pine or two and small lights or extra ornaments for the perfect extra decorations.

  1. Holiday centerpieces. Extra centerpieces can be used to decorate more than just your Christmas table. Think about the mantel, window sills and any open spaces. Centerpieces can feature candles, a lantern, greenery, ribbons, and all manner of holiday decorations. 

  1. Unique bouquets. Flowers are an instant upgrade to any space, and Christmas is no different. Pine is the first option, but white or red flowers of any kind can help invoke the feeling of the season. Poinsettias are another floral option that can last longer than a few days with some added care. 

  1. Christmas cacti. If you’re a plant lover, you may already have a Christmas cactus, but another one never hurts. They can come in a variety of colors, and if you don’t already have one that’s a beautiful, rich red, now is the best time. Add a festive pot or even a wooden box for a more rustic feel. 

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